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Open source is becoming the default business model for software. We believe open source systems can provide efficient solutions for business problems and this will also be the future of SCADA, automation and IoT/IIoT systems.

We have ample knowledge of key modern open source technologies applied to automation systems. This is what we are doing for years:

● Development and customization of open source communication protocol stacks (DNP3, Modbus, IEC60870-5-104, ICCP, MQTT, ...).
● Creation of open source SCADA/HMI systems (OSHMI, JSON-SCADA).
● Applying open source databases for historical data recording and corporate systems integration (PostgreSQL/Timescale, InfluxDB, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, ...).
● Development and use of open source web-based visualization systems (SCADAvis.io, xPlain, Grafana, Node-RED, Vega, Power BI, ...).
● Deploying secure cloud systems on AWS and Azure.
● Integrating SCADA with advanced yet affordable BI tools like MS PowerBI and Tableau.
● We have also knowledge of Big Data and Data Science technologies.

This is why we can create custom integrated solutions that are affordable, powerful and future proof as they can evolve together with the underlying open source software. Avoid vendor lock-in, save money and do more!




HTML5 Toolkit for the creation of real-time animated synoptic graphics.

Embed stunning synoptic graphics into your web apps, animate with your real time data with absolute privacy. Plans starting at free!

The graphic power of a real SCADA available to any web app.

Pure HTML5 visualization, framework agnostic and available on any platform: desktop or mobile.

Plug-ins for MS Power BI, Node-RED and Grafana.

Visit the SCADAvis.io website and start developing graphics now!

See below a demo of substation simulation:


OSHMI – Open Substation HMI

Click here to access OSHMI online demo.

OSHMI is an HMI software designed for substation control and generic SCADA applications, distributed as open source (GPL), with no licensing costs.

It is based on HTML5/SVG resolution independent visualization technology that is mobile and cloud friendly.

This solution is used to control locally and remotely dozens of substations up to 230kV voltage level and in control centers for over a decade.

OSHMI makes it possible to apply the High Performance HMI methodology that is now standardized as ANSI/ISA101 (Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems).

A study* by the ASM Consortium (Abnormal Situation Management), concludes that the operation of a high performance interface allowed to detect problems before alarms in 38% more cases, finished assigned tasks 41% faster, and attained 25% more on successful resolution of problems in relation to a traditional interface.

*Source: https://www.asmconsortium.net/Documents/HFES2005BusinessJustificationforHFInterfaces-v100b.pdf

DSC Systems offers expertise, customization, training and support for this platform.

hmi ihm human machine interface scada high performance gráficos de alto desempenho elipse power sage ase2000 axon test

Systems and Services:

  ● Custom integrations of SCADA and corporate/cloud systems

  ● SCADA/IoT/IIoT Open Source Platform {json:scada}

  ● Real time SCADA/IoT Corporate data integration

  ● High Performance HMI Systems Conception

  ● HMI systems configuration OSHMI

  ● Training and Support

We have experience with SCADA/EMS systems, substations and control centers since 1998.
We develop SCADA, historians and corporate systems integrations since 2001.

Our mission is to provide services and apply technologies that can provide better results to our clients in their operations.

DSC Systems adopts an HTML5 visualization platform that has been developed and perfected since 2008.


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